Review of VIVE Rollator- VIVE Rollator Review

This Vive folding rollator review was done to see if this is really value for your money or its just another rollator that  with no outstanding features.  We also want to  see how it compares to  the other rollators that  we have reviewed. We will be looking on the Vive’s:

  • design
  • safety
  • accessories
  • comfort
  • warranty
  • cons versus pros
  •  what  customers had to say  about this rollator.

Vive Foldable Rollator Walker


The vive features a light weight aluminium frame  which is corrosion-resistant  this  adds to its  stability and durability. With its stabilty  and suuport  the  Vive rollator maneuvers over any type of surface whether , grass , concrete, or tile with its large 8 inch wheels.

Weight – This rollator is abe to support or accomodate up  to 300 lbs and weighs 20 lbs

Dimesions-  Measures up  to 31-36 inches in adjustable  height and the length between  the front and back wheels is 28 inches and width 25 inches.  We  love that  the handle height is adjustable allowing for customization to suit the users needs and this  can be adjusted in  1 inch increments. Seat  measures  17.5 inches to  9.5 inches.

Compact Foldable Design–  The Vive’s key feature is its  collapsability allowing it to fit in the car trunk or the back or tucked away  in a corner in your house. It folds up in 1 simple step  by  just  pulling up  on the strap under the the  seat.  Apart from that the Vive folding rollator allows for more compact storage  if you remove the front  wheels with  an push button  release and the back wheels are hinged so that they  can fold up against  the frame  of the rollator. When folded it measures 10  by 20 by 32 inches.

Ergonomic Handles– The handles of the rollator are angled so that the hands are positioned in a neutral position, thereby  decreasing fatigue/stress on the hands as well as easier access to the bicycle -styled brakes.

Wheel  Locking Brakes- This  guards against the rollator moving away when the brake is activitated.


  • the rollator comes with a detachable storage tote bag  so that you can  carry items like your purse or wallet, medications, tools, tablet etc
  •  The rollator features a cane holder so  that  you can carry your cane if you need to navigate tight areas.
  •  A seat  so  that if your are tired you can  rest.

Attractive colours – The Vive folding rollator is available in white, red and pink.


Using the Vive rollator is pretty simple use, it glides easily over most surfaces and its  dual braking system adds to  the comfort knowing that you are secure when  using.


We love that this rollator comes pre-assembled, only requiring for the front wheels to be snapped into place before use.


We rated the Vive’s rollator walker as very good in safety  secondary  to is dual brake system.  We loved that  with the  Vive you can  squeeze the brake in an upward motion to halt the rollator in its tracks and pushing down on the brake to  lock the  wheels in place for example when sitting and this ensures the rollator does not move.


The Vive flolding rollator is backed by Vive’s  lifetime guarantee on the frame and up to 5 years warranty  on the brakes.

Customer Feedback

Customers found the Vive Folding rollator exceeded their expectations. The customers  found it  relatively easy to use and manuevere over most surfaces , describes it as well made, coolest, allows for easy storage, very compact. Some customers reported that  the wheels and that the rollator is a bit on the heavy side.  The Vive Folding rollator reeived a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon.


  • Sturdy, Well built Aluminium frame
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Attractive colours- white , red and pinka
  • Compact Foldable Design
  • Can Accomodate up to 300 lbs
  • Ergomnomic Handles
  • Accessories- Can holder, tote bag
  • Glides easily over most surfaces
  • Dual  Brakes System/ Brake wiress are hidden
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the frame.
  • Safe / Easy to use


  • 20 lbs may be heavy for some elderly or disabled persons

Final verdict

We definitely like the Vive Folding Rollator, and would recommend it. We loved the sturdy compact design, adjustability  and foldability, the dual braking system most of all. This gets a thumbs up  from mobility device  reviews.

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