So I reviewed the 4 wheel rollator walker from HealthSmart  and shortly  after doing so I came across this Drive Medical

Nitro DLX 4 wheel rollator. This Drive Nitro DLX 4 wheel rollator has come on the rollator seen as one the most attractive and sleekest designed rollator. So lets see what the hype is about with this rollator.


The worst  thing is to purchase a rollator that is not properly designed and put you and in potential  danger. You  will  love this Drive Nitro DLX 4 wheel rollator because of this company has taken great consideration into the make fo this walker.

  • With its sleek european ultra-modern design you will love this rollator because its pretty much attractive.
  • Made out of aluminium metal – making it sturdy  and durable 
  • 2 eye catching colors – Sleek blue and Champagne
  • Has a cup holder 
  • Can fold up easily with one hand and its ultra compact making it easy to store and portable.
  • Cross Brace Design- This enables for side to side folding and increase stabiltiy
  • Comes with a removable deluxe zippered storage bag with attachment to keep the bag in place whether the rollator is folded or open.- This bag can hold your necessaries,  smal grocery
  • Has durable and comfortable  seat  for resting when tired and adjustable back support.
  • Caster fork deisgn which allows for greater turning radius.
  • Size- The Drive Nitro DLX 4 measures 28 inch in length x 24 inch width x 33.5 inches in height; 

seat dimensions: 10.75 inch (d) x 18 inch(w) x 20 inch(h); handle height: 33.5 inch-38.5 inch. The dimensions of this rollator will allow you to fit it thorugh most doorways.

  • Weight -The rollator weighs 22 lbs
  • Weight capacity: The Drive nitro DLX can hold up to 300 lbs. So if you are ont he heavier side this rollator will be able to accomodate you.
  • 10 inch front casters- Enables  greater turning radius and are able to roll over uneven surfaces , whether gravel, cobble stones , side walk etc.
  • Braking system- the brakes are contained within the tubing , out of the way so that they dont catch on anything.


Most  customers found the Drive Nitro DLX very comfortbale and easy to use.


Safety is of utmost importance when using a walking aid or mobility device. You will love this rollator because of how sturdy and stable it is. It runs smooth and its large wheels and brake system is  excellent.


You will love that this rollator come fully assembled. No worries  hassles to read instructions and figure out how to get this fitted.


The Drive Medical Nitro  DLX 4 wheel rollator is availabe at Amazon for $219.99 for Sleek Blue and $259.46 for Champagne.  The price point you will love as you get a pretty decent rollator , this real is  value for money.


There is a limited lifetime warranty is available  on the frame , howevere brake, handle and housing warranty is 5 years. Note thou no warranty is available on the other parts they consider accessories. Accessories such as  can be bought on line such as amazon or directly from Drive medical. For queries you can contact costumer service.


  • Looks classy / stylish/ attractive 
  • Preaassembled
  • Well built , sturdy.
  • Foldable adding to portability
  • Adjustable back rest and handle height to suit your needs
  • Comes with accessories ( cup holder, back rest, carrier bag )
  • Works well in most terrain
  • Hidden brake wires , for added safety
  • Good brakes
  • Large wheels
  • Value for money


      • Somewhat on the heavy side, if you do not posses alot of upper body /arm strength you may this walker heavy to. May have to ask for assistance to lift out of and into car. 

      Final Thoughts

      I have seen many 4 wheel rollators but this Drive Medical Nitro DLX is pretty much a good buy.This will definitely
      provide the balance and added support you need to move around. The benefits pretty much outweighs the cons for this rollator so I give this one a thumbs up.

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