Mobility Devices for Seniors/ Disabled-Making the right choice

Mobility devices comes in different brands ,types and make to help keep you active. The vast amount of devices available on the market can make it an overwhelming task to choose the right device to suit your needs. It is of utmost importance that you choose the right device.

Firstly you will need to speak with your physical therapist or occupational therapist or medical doctor in order to determine your level of physical abilities and fit you with most appropriate device for your individual needs. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your mobility device

1) ENVIRONMENT – When selecting your device , you will need to consider where you will primarily use the device; whether indoors or outdoors and also the purposes whether you will need it for work or recreational activities.If it will be mostly used indoors you will want to consider if the device will be able to fit through your doorways or is there enough amount of space to move around or how will you mobilise up down steps. For outside usage, it will be good look at the surfaces you will using your mobility device on, this may impact the type wheels or tyres used.

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2) LENGTH OF USAGE– How many hours for the day will you be using your mobility device ? If you will be a light user and your capabilities say fit the use of a rollator to keep you active, then you should be fine, but if you are mostly depending on the rollator to move around all day and you are heavy user, you may want to consider using a wheel chair as the rollator may be very taxing on your energy.

3) SIZE– Mobility devices and their parts come in several different sizes. Your most suitable device should not be much larger than your body. The mobility device should be selected so that you will be able to move seamlessly in and around your home or workplace and also fit within the space of your vehicle that will be transporting the device. It is also important consider if your  device is adjustable , that is if in its full size, does  it fit in the trunk of your car  or will small  adjustments be required to fit it in.

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4) TRANSPORTING YOUR MOBILITY DEVICE-When selecting a mobility device to optimize your mobility, you will want to consider how you will transport the device. Does the device fit in your current mode of transportation or do you have to make adjustments? Do you need a special van or lift to carry the device.

5) THE PRICE – As with buying any item you want to ensure that the price is right and your getting value for your money. Mobility devices for Seniors or the disabled usually have different price point. It is advisable to calculate how much the device will cost you over the period you will be using it and also take into consideration that you may need to replace or repair certain parts that may become worn out.

6) YOUR STRENGTH– Many persons use mobility device for assisted walking or mobilizing in their environment. Using mobility device that you will need to operate manually or if you will have to lift it you will require some good amount of upper body strength to maneuver it from day to day.

When looking to buy your mobility device , there are several factors to take into consideration in order to select the device that best  suits your needs. If you consult with your physical therapist or occupational therapist and you follow tips in this article , then you will pretty soon become your own mobility device expert.

We love to hear from our readers, if you have found this article helpful then let us know by leaving a comment below as well as if you ever need help or advice  in picking out your own mobility device then please feel free to ask questions.


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