Looking to increase your mobility and independence in your day to day activities? A 4 wheel rollator can indeed improve your independence and fuctionality. When seeking to  purchase a rollator you will definitely want to look for one that has user- centric design,versatility and dependability.  An advanced rollator like the  Medline 4 wheel rollator – the Premium Empower version is definitlety one to consider.  This review will help to determine if the medline premimum empower will  help to empower you!

Medline 4 Wheel Rollator


  • If your looking for stability and durability out of your rollator , you will want one that is made with the best type of material.  The empower’s frame is made from  aluminium giving it its robust design.
  •  The empower wieighs 17lbs and is able to provide support for up to  300 lbs.  The overall  height measures 31-37 inches and the seat height 20-25 inches.
  • This rollator was designed with your comfort in mind. It features a padded back rest  which is able to flip  over to  allow for sitting on either side to the rollator when your tired. Apart  from that  the rollator comes with a large spacious memory foam which is larger than  most rollators for added comfort.
  •  Adjustababilty  to suit your needs , the empower has adjustable legs to vary the seat height and armrest. It also
    possess easy adjustment points since the adjustment points and these are bright yellow making the points easy to identify
  • You will love that  this rollator has step in support – the seat  on the rollator flips up which gives space to walk into the rollator for step-in support. This allows you more accessibility and stability for example to stand at a table or kitchen sink or counter.
  • Foldable- Want a rollator that folds completely flat then the empower is able to do so. This  rollator handles are able fold in and the wheels nest which makes it compact and easier for  storage and transportation.
  • Cool Accessories- Come with a cup holder for you to place your water bottle or cups etc.This cup holder is able to fold down as well. 
  • Storage underneath the seat- comes with a  spacious neoprene bag for storage and this able to slide back and forth allowing user the step in design. this also  carries an organizer tray and removable zippered pouch
  • Large 8 inch wheels – the 8inch wheels are great for added support and maneuverability on different surfaces. 
  •  Brakes-this rolling walker has loop styled brakes where the wires are out of the way  and is less of a tripping hazard. Also  these brakes are pretty simple to engage  by squeezing.


The worse thing is  is for one to  buy  a rollator that is uncomfortable, being disabled or elderly you  definitely want a rollator that is superior in comfort. I  would say the medline premium  empower is gets a high rating for comfort  with Step in design for greater accessability, Spacious memory foam seat and padded  back rest for you to sit when  you are tired. The fact that the empower rollator is easy to operate also adds to comfort.


The empower does not come preassembled however an instruction manual is inlcuded. The instructions are pretty clear and   simple to follow and most customers found the empower easy  to set up.


The medline premium empower is rated for its safety, the premium design and the fact that it is manufactured with aluminium, makes it sturdy, which lesssen the risk of toppling over and it also  possess  loop style brakes, is easy to  hold by pulling up and release by pushing down, 


This rolling walker is listed on amazon for $170.97 for the black and $129.00 for the blue.


As per the manutacturer medline , they offer lifetime warranty on the frame , however 6 mths warranty  on the parts.

You can contact their customer service if there is any issues with your rollator.

Customer Feedback

The Medline Premium Empower is rated of 4 out of 5 stars on amazon.  Most customers were satisfied with walker. Few persons reported bulkiness, too heavy and plastic accesories being worn out quickly and short warranty. 


  • Well built
  • Attractive design and colors
  • 8 inch wheels 
  • Adjustable -with  marked and easilly  identifiable adjustmments points
  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Cool Accesories – cup holder, storage bag, padded back rest, organizer tray, and seat
  • Step in support- for greater accessibility  to counter tops and other surfaces
  • Value for money- good price for a decent rollator
  • Can accomodate up  to  300 lbs 
  • Comfortable
  • Rolls on most terrains


  • Does not come pre -assembled
  • Bit on  the heavy  side- 17 lbs may be heavy  for some elderly or disabled person to  handle

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a some empowerment in your mobility, the Medline Premium Empower is definitely a good 4 wheel  rolling walker to consider. We love the premium empower due its  sleek well built design, step in accessibilty,  accessories , adjustability , folability, price.  I do believe the the Medline Premium Empower is one rollator you can depend on and it will serve you well.  

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