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Welcome to Mobility Device Reviews!

My name is Shantel and I am the creator of Mobility Device Reviews. I am a Registered Physiotherapist and I have also worked in the life and health insurance sector as a Customer Associate.

I am dedicated,  passionate, easy going, assertive and determined. My passion currently lies within the field of physiotherapy. I enjoy restoring my patients function and enhancing their quality of life and I love the satisfaction this brings.  Apart from physiotherapy I enjoy checking out different devices and gadgets,  looking for solution to repair and compare quality.

It is truly my passion to provide detail and precise reviews on different types  of mobility device such as walkers , rollators, standers , manual wheel chairs and lifts. We also do comparison of different types of devices of similar qualities so that you the consumer will be able to make an educated selection that is most suitable to your particular needs, budget and safety.

The goal of  creating this is site is to mainly  to help you make the best educated selection for your Mobility Device .

If you ever need a help with a particular product  or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to offer my assistance.

All the best,



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