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So I was looking on the variety of 4 wheel rollator walker available on the market and I came across this 4 wheel rollator walker from Healthsmart. This review was done to help you figure out if the Healthsmart walker actually is what the company said it is. Lets see whats the hype about.


HelathSmart Euro Style Rollator Walker folding compact,  lightweight fun and fashionable should help in increasing your mobility and independence. The walker is built with larger size wheels glide easily over most surfaces. It also so has comfortable seat for rest when needed  and the large storage tote with comfortable straps which can be used for storage of personal items or to  use when shopping.

The walker is ultra light stands at 17 pounds.This European style walker gets you around easily and fashionably. The design of the walker very compact, it folds only to 25 inches ×16.5 inches. The walker is sturdy and well built to support up to 300 pounds. No matter where you live this walk should help you get you around.


Based on testing of this walker it self , it was found that that 4 wheel rollator walker from Healthsmart was relatively comfortable to use. The grip on the handle was easy on the hands.  The rollator opens easily, it glides smoothly over level surfaces, such as on tiles carpets , walkways however it was found that this rollator does do so well in gravel and rugged surfaces secondary to the wheels being plastic. Also the walker has a seat  and a back rest so that whenever you are tired or just need to take a break you can sit and rest. This seat was relatively comfortable with the back rest aiding in support while sittng on the seat. The brakes were easy to activate and has a good hold.


The Healthsmart walker is of sound construction,being that the frame is  made out of light weight aluminum. The Aluminium metal makes thisn rollator durable and makes it resistant to rust and making it sturdy. The manufacturer claims this walker can hold up 300 lbs for seating. The tote bag attached to the walker that can be used for grocery or holding the necessaries. The bag matreial  was not found to be so  durable and even the straps attachment were not either.


This 4 wheel rollator from  Healthsmart claims that the walker is easy to set up and requires no tools for assembly.  Most customers found it easy and no tools were required. This walker also comes with and insturction manual  to guide with the setup. However if you are not so able bodied and lack and dexterity or have arthritis like most people of the elderly population then this may be a little difficult to set up.


The walker is relatively safe to use. There is a little issue with the back wheels  and the brakes.  The back wheels are little bit too long and may present as a tripping hazard. One has to bear this in mind while in use.  In regards to the brakes they do hold however the walker does not come to an immediate stop as expected when you hold the brakes but drags a little this may be secondary the material  that  the wheels are made of.


The HeathSmart walker is has sleek and stylish look , well  designed from lightweight aluminium metal making it very durable, comes in three different colours (black purple and titanium) making it attractive.

HealthSmart rollator weighs about 17lbs, If you are lacking strength in the upper extremity or somewhat on the elderly side this may  be a  little bit hard to lift and may require help of a  care giver or family member.

Sports large wheels which aids in easy rolling over most terrain however the back wheels were some what too big and makes it a trip hazard for those person with unsteady gait and imapired balance.

It also host removable carry tote bag for carrying necessaries and integrated straps for walking stick or same could function as holder for umbrella.

Its good that this walker is adjustable from 79 cm to 93 cm and is suitable for use in persons of height 5ft 4 inches to 6ft. The
space between the handles is 18 inches, and the seat size is 18 by 10 inches, with a seat height is 21 inches.

The walker is somewhat compact and is suitable for indoors and outdoors, and is good that is is foldable making it easy to fit in small spaces or being portable. However it is somewhat cumbersome to remove the bolts for it to fold up  complete and make more space, not only that if you are someone with hand issues this may  be a some what complex task to manuerve.

The rollator does not function as a wheel chair as the seat faces to the back wheels and the back wheels are not able to  pivot. The seat main function is basically for resting when you are resting.


The HealthSmart walker is available on amazon from $128.59 to $143.11. For rollator like the price point is reasonable.

This product right for you if

  • you are just looking additional support while walking
  • you are looking for something relatively light weight and relatively compact
  • you are looking for a well built sturdy walker
  • Will be using on mostly level smooth surface 
  • you no history  of falls, 
  • you have fair to good balance and coordination
  • you posess fair to good hand function
  • you think you possess the where withal to safely use and manuerve this walker

This product not right for you if

  • you are looking for something really compact
  • you do not possess good upper body strength or arm strength  and would rather a rollator under 10lbs 
  • you do not posess good hand dexterity  or good hand function
  • you possess a history of falls or impaired balance, coordination issues as with parkinsons disease and dementia
  • you were looking for a mutifunctional walker to use as a  wheel chair.
  • you were looking for rollator that rates 10/10 for safety.

My final thoughts on this 4 wheel rollator walker from HealthSmart, would recommend for some one who is alert and aware, just looking for support while walking , possess fair balance and coordination, not looking for multipurpose walker,and possess fair to good hand function to be able to lift and manuerve this rollator.

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